Show Guide

The Show Guide by Festival Director

The Big Show- -Brian Posehn

This big name comic stops in Esquimalt and Victoria.

Brian Posehn starred with Zach Galifinakas, Patton Oswalt and Maria Bamford in the Comedians of comedy. He was also on the Sarah Silverman Show, Just Shoot Me and Mr.Show. Enough said.

The Brent Butt Talk Show.

THE BUTT SHOW: Brent Butt (Corner Gas, Hiccups) hosts an hour long live talk show, featuring a variety of performers and prepared comedy bits.  It’s like watching a latenight TV talk show, without all the fuss and bother of being televised.  NOTE: Guests of The Butt Show are not censored, so language warning is in effect. (16+)

The Fairly Clean Show-Ryan Hamilton, Phil Hanley, Ivan Decker

Think Live Comedy is to dirty for you? All of these acts are known for doing it clean with witty material and fantastic insights. Why call it the fairly clean show? It’s live entertainment and everyone has a different idea of clean. (16+)

Headliner Series

Comedians make their living doing 45 minute sets and this is a chance to see the very best at it. Each show will feature amazing opening acts, but you really want to see these comedians do their full set and get to know why they are considered the best.

Dark and Dirty Show

This show is not for everybody but you know who you are. This show is late at night for a reason. Comics are encouraged to push the boundaries and nothing is off limits as long as it’s funny. If you’re easily offended this show is not for you.

Best Of Victoria

Victoria has produced some of Canada’s finest comics. This show celebrates those comedians and how Victoria supports it’s own. The scene has grown so much over the last 5 years and will continue to produce even better comics.

We’re Out and About

Take a wild guess what this is about. Featuring Elvira Kurt and Darcy Michael. Yes they are gay but they have also developed a reputation for being fantastic comics who have developed a following within and out of the gay community.

Young Guns

These are the up and coming comics that I feel will very soon be doing the headliner series. The future names of the big time and my personal picks of the fest.

The Zone and The Q Present

The Wrap Show hosted By Dan Quinn

The final show of the festival hosted by Dan Quinn. Dan Quinn is known from the Snowed In Comedy Tour, XM radio, the comedy Network and guest stars on TV shows Arrow and the collector. Dan won the Canadian Competition at Just For Laughs and has been on the best of the Fest at the Moncton Comedy Festival and Vancouver Comedy Festival. A natural Storyteller he relates to the audience better than any comic going.

This will feature the best acts of the acts of the festival doing 5-10 minutes. A fun night where comics are trying to have the set of the night.

Funnier Than Gretzky with Damonde and Dan

What comedy Festival would be complete without a podcast? Dan Quinn and Damonde Tschritter bring their hockey podcast to Victoria. One week before the season begins Damonde and Dan will bring on various comics from across the country to talk hockey and laugh.